Sellspad, the « all-in-one » iOS application
that boosts the efficiency of your mobile teams

Show your Catalog, Take Orders and Generate Visit Reports. SellsPad offers in one single app all the different features a sales person needs when visiting his customers and prospects, managing his contacts, taking commercial actions and providing feedback to the head office by generating sales report.

Key features

  • Updated corporate documents (catalogs…)
  • Full access to customer data
  • Automated visit report
  • Market survey tool
  • Order taking
  • Planning and shared agenda
  • Geo localisation support
  • Performance report and dashboard

Leading edge

  • Fully synchronized with ERP&CRM
  • 100% work paperless possible
  • User-friendly and intuitive design
  • Super fast integration with ERP and CRM
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated
  • Customized to customer graphic

Discover how SellsPad will increase
the efficiency of your mobile teams

Prefer a all-in-one tool
to fit all your sales needs

Ensure full access
to updated data

Focuse on hot priorities
to optimize the planning

Step to a paperless organization
to gain money and efficiency


Integrate your mobile tool
inside your own ERP/CRM

Avoid waste of time
and double work

Trying Sellspad

It’s completely free and very simple ! Only 2 steps to start your Sellspad experience :

Download your Sellspad app.
on the App Store

When your start the app.
follow the instructions to
create your free account