What is SellsPad?

SellsPad is the sales management mobile application for the iPad developed by SellsPad SA. It dynamically centralizes all the information needed by sales personnel in one place. Thanks to SellsPad you always have the latest information available everywhere, anytime.

 What about the updates?

1. Updates

There are two types of upgrades possible. You either upgrade the app itself or upgrade the content of your Appstore Application. You will get automatically notified of any available update through a specific notification.

2. Updating the app itself

If a new version of the SellsPad app is available you’ll automatically get notified at when starting up the App;e Store. Also, a badge will appear on your Appstore icon, notifying you a new version is available for download.

3. Updating the data & information contained in the app

You can update the data and information in the app by pressing the update button on the bottom left side of the menu screen. A popup window will appear where you can select what elements you wish to update.

4. What version am I currently running?

To check what version you’re currently running, tap on the menu icon on the top left of your screen. Then tap on the clog-wheel icon on the bottom left. You’ll find the version number in the top left of the screen that will pop-up.

 My application just crashed, what should I do?

Crashes happens, they the results of many different factors. If SellsPad crashes, don’t worry, you’re data isn’t lost. Re-open the app, and tap on send crash report when prompted. Doing so, you help us making an even more robust SellsPad!

If crashes happen repeatedly, you may want to do the following:

a. Close all other apps that may be open at the same time (swipe 4 fingers upwards on the iPad screen – hold an app icon for 2 sec – tap on the cross icon to close the app.)

b. Contact you system administrator if problems persists.

 Contact us ?

If you haven’t found the information you were looking for in the FAQ section or the Guidelines section, contact your SellsPad administrator or contact us at: info@SellsPad.com if you have additional questions.

Documents Module ?

1. What’s the documents module?

The documents module gathers all files made available by your administrator in one place. Files are stored in various categories that may contain folders and subfolders.

You can tap each element (file or folder) on the screen to open and browse through it.

2. How do I navigate

When you browse from folder to folder and whish to browse back to previous folder, use the upper navigation bar.

Browse back to the highest level by opening the menu screen and select the category you’d like to open.

Or by tapping one of the ”section tabs” which opens a popup window displaying the different folders of that same hierarchic level. Just tap on one of them to return to that section.

3. What kind of files can I open?

SellsPad supports a very large range of formats (video, audio, word, excel, power point, keynote, etc.). You don’t need to worry at compatibility. All files displayed in the documents module can be read by SellsPad.

4. What can I do with a file?

Browse through the file by swiping left or right with your finger.

To close the file you just tap the screen, a little cross icon will appear in the upper left of the screen to close the current file. Almost all files have a fast-browsing menu (except for videos and sounds), accessible by tapping the dark grey tab in the bottom left corner of the screen.

5. What’s the ”+” button next to a file about? By tapping on the + button you get an additional choices:

  • Re-download the file
  • Air-Print the document (through an air-print compatible printer)
  • Share the document through the Sharebox
  • Modify the document (if made available)

6. Can I modify a file?

You can modify your file in the appropriate app by tapping the ”+ plus” button and select ”modify” option. Beware! Modifications made to a file won’t be saved back in SellsPad. Thus, you’ll need to extract them from you iPad by syncing it with iTunes (if authorized).

7. Do files update themselves?

You can update all the content of SellsPad by tapping the circular arrow on the bottom left of the bottom menu (tap the menu icon on the top left of the screen to open the main menu).

The update screen will popup. You can select what content you wish to update in particular, or just update everything at once. Only the files that have been updated will be re-download.

To save time you can choose to only download the structure of the files & folders in the documents module. Beware; you’ll need an Internet connection to download them later on.

8. Can I delete a file?

Users can’t delete files from SellsPad, this can only be done by your Sellspad administrator.

9. What’s the ”chain / link” icon about?

Your system administrator can link files together to make them more accessible when you browse one of them. If so, an little chain icon will appear on the upper right of your screen while browsing the specific file.

e.g. If you have a slideshow, and you wish to link a video to that slideshow at a certain time, your administrator can link those to file to make the video easily available when browsing that slideshow . Just tap the chain icon on the upper right when available and open the linked file you’d like to show. Once closed, you’ll automatically go back to the previous opened file. It’s that easy!

Clients Module ?

1. What is the client module?

The client module contains a full list of all your clients made available by system administrator. You can search for a specific client through the search bar on top, or just scroll through the list. Alternatively, you can change the view from list to map view. The map view shows all your clients in a geo-localized way based on their address.

2. What can I do with it?

The client module can be the starting point for many other SellsPad features. Start by looking for a client, tap on it for more information. You’ll get a detailed window with all the relevant information on that client.

Look at that client order history, order cycle or get additional information on that client. You can update erroneous in the detail tab of the client, so everyone has updated information about that client.

3. I can’t see all our firm clients, why?

Your administrator can choose to assign only a specific number of clients to each user. Doing so you have less clutter, more information and better performance.

4. How do I use the map

When you open the client module for the first time you get prompted to allow localization. Doing so localizes you on the map. Clients will automatically appear on the map. Pinch to zoom with two fingers to have a closer look at a specific location or client.

Catalogue Module ?

1. What’s the catalogue module?

There are two great things to know about the catalogue module:

– Firstly, it centralizes all your firm’s products in one place. Find a product by opening the different categories or by using the search function on top.

– The second great feature about the catalogue module is its ordering function. Intuitive and easy to use, you can place an order when you’re on the go. All information will automatically be send back to your home office.

2. How does ordering work?

Browse categories and find the product you wish to place an order for. 
Tap on ”Add to basket”, select the quantity in the popped-up window and confirm your order by tapping on the ”Add to basket” button again. 
Start over with another product if you wish to order multiple products. Once you’re done, you can send your order to your office by taping the basket icon on the top right. 
If the process is automated and linked to your firm’s ERP, you’ll be prompted to select a client from the client list before confirming your order. Otherwise your order will be send by mail.

3. Can I cancel an order?

Yes you can! Tap on the basket icon in the top right of the screen that will open the basket bar on the right. Swipe with one finger over the order you want to remove, the delete button will appear. Tap the button to delete. Beware; this action cannot be undone!

4. How do I search for products?

Tap on the upper bar of the catalogue in the search box, enter any keyword, the app will look in too the database for matching products. Results show up automatically after you tap the search button on the virtual keyboard.


Reporting Module ?

1. What’s the Reporting module?



Statistic Module ?

1. What’s the Statistic module?